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St. Kitts
Greg's Safaris
We offers you four unique and fully insured off-the-beaten-track island adventures: The full day Mt.Liamuiga Volcano Safari, the half day The Valley of Giants Rainforest Hike.

St. Kitts
Greg's Safaris
The drive out to start the hike takes an hour from Basseterre and initially follows the coastal road past Brimstone Hill National Park and then leaves it at Belmont Estate, on the far side of the island, to travel up through the sugar cane fields.

St. Kitts
St. Kitts Department of Tourism
St. Kitts & Nevis are considered like no other islands in the Caribbean, though. Our lush tropical environment and sugary sand beaches provide a balance for eco-tourists and beach lovers alike!

St. Kitts
Wheel World Cycle Shop
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Top to Bottom
Top To Bottom is a nature and historical hiking guide agency operated by Jim Johnson on Nevis. He also assists Universities with various research projects and works heavily with conservation efforts. He was the first licensed guide on Nevis.

Sunrise Tours
Samuel Liburd, Nevis? last Mountain Ranger, would take the young lad on Sunday afternoon walks educating him to the history and diverse nature found on the island. It was these initial experiences that bred into Lynn a love of the island.

Herbert Heights-Village Experience
Observe the intimacy of nature at the mountain pond filled with water lillies, fresh water fish,the lushwater hyacinths, the "croppo" frogs and the water shrubs.

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